More people in India to get affected as they believe in Cow urine benefits

More people in India to get affected as they believe in Cow urine benefits

Cow urine is harmful to the people and shouldn’t be taken as a cure. Reports claimed that waste matters of living beings simply consists of exponential bacteria. The bacteria in the urine multiplies continuously. It’s concerned that more people in India will be affected with virus if they continue believing in Cow urine benefits.  

Corona Virus is a global threat and it includes India also but the govt is showing blind eye over the consumption of Cow urine. This is a nuisance and as many experts claim that India is moving backwards to about hundred years. The need for people coming from abroad should be treated nicely arises as most of them are troubled. Foreign Indians returning to India are not supposedly affected with the Virus. But Police is troubling them without any evidence.

Govt should play a key role in testing the NRIs returning to India meaningfully and should conduct tests properly. And maintain an atmosphere not to create panic over the NRIs without more troubles. It was learned that NRIs or Indians returning from foreign Countries been unnecessarily put under difficulties.

It was also learned that India will become a hot spot of Corona Virus if steps not taken up specifically. Yes, more people in India will be found positive to this Virus in the coming few days. Thus, we should fight with our full strength against the spread of Corona Virus in India.

Khalid M Raza

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