2 Persons recorded audio to scare people over lock downs shared widely

2 Persons recorded audio to scare people over lock downs shared widely

2 persons recorded audio message. And it seems they were crazy over making their audio become viral on social media. We should not take this seriously. They were communicating with each other about WHO’s warning to India over the spread of Corona Virus. Yes, Corona Virus is a big threat to India.

Both persons created panic as they keep on saying to collect more ration and medicines as India will be locked down for a month. Then again they also mentioned the date as April 15 to June 15. It’s all a matter of concern. But, at the same time buy enough groceries and medicines and store them at your homes for it’s always better.

Whenever such audios come over to you to listen with a serious warning text message then just ignore. They also spoke about section 144 to be imposed. And also listened by us that they were talking about possibility of police only be seen on the roads. People will be locked down from April 15. It’s not necessary for the govt to push people inside their homes for a long time. But be prepared as we never know what comes from the BJP govt all of a sudden.  

However, it’s required for all of us to live peacefully as we’re at homes most of the time. We shouldn’t be afraid and live in panic as 2 persons recorded audio to scare us. And the audio will be investigated further from police department. Further, investigation over the clip will be posted later. But do not share this audio to create panic.

Khalid M Raza

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