BJP not bothered of shutdown of businesses, bill payment crises in India

BJP not bothered of shutdown of businesses, bill payment crises in India

Canadian govt taken strong and benefiting actions to protect Canada’s economy. Moreover, health, safety, and jobs during the global COVID-19 outbreak given priority with many benefits to Canadians. While in India it was learned that BJP govt hasn’t provided even basic facilities or bothered over shutdown of businesses. BJP not bothered of shutdown of businesses in India.

People are in difficult situation in India to get financial help from the BJP govt for paying off their bill payments, etc. Losing of jobs continue in India and has been on rise with the outbreak of COVID-19 or Corona Virus. The BJP govt should learn from Canada to lift people out from tough financial situations.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau already announced a new set of economic solutions to maintain economy. He’s in helping mode to all the Canadians with impacts of this challenging period.

Economic response from Canadian Prime Minister has been planned to overcome COVID-19 crises. The Canadian govt has provided about $27 billion to support their workers and businesses. Also provided $55 billion to benefit businesspersons in Canada. Households in Canada also benefited with different schemes. This planned funding to the citizens of Canada makes Canada’s economy stabilized.

And more people will come forward to increase sales. But, in India the scenario is quite different as the BJP not bothered of shutdown of business, failure of bill payments etc.

Khalid M Raza

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