Coronavirus made in China or USA but not any outbreak how true?

Coronavirus made in China or USA but not any outbreak how true?

Coronavirus made in China or USA but not any outbreak how true?

A Chinese citizen of Wuhan wrote an article and various other video clips also circulated on Social Media. People are now diverted and are so much interested to make awareness that Coronavirus made by China and USA. And also they claimed that America wanted to belittle Chinese economy. This made us to do a sting operation upon the video and content posts. Firstly the authors blame America and then cover up by blaming China as if to say Coronavirus made by China and USA.  

Well, the author from Wuhan was more interested to make his post go viral and he wrote his report in February, 2020. And he had used his ability to write as if his claims over Coronavirus made in China by USA might look true. Chinese govt and the WHO never supported anything against USA or bothered over the so called false claims.  

Posts on Coronavirus made in China or USA are How True?

China was blamed by the author that Coronavirus made in China and not an outbreak from various other factors. “I am a Chinese citizen in Wuhan and I occupy a high ranking position of military intelligence. I am also a member of the Chinese Communist Party”. The author initially introduced himself this way. And further said: “I have access to a great deal of classified information and I’ve been involved in many top secret govt projects”. He was rather not so clear to blame China and USA to kill people using biological weapon like Coronavirus.

His lengthy article and some video clips were found to be fake. The video clips were based upon his article and neither benefit us nor harm anybody but create confusion. So, the Media has been keeping a blind eye over this issue. And this confusion has been used by the media to come out with more info as people might look for more information.

Finally, we need not bother pondering upon Coronavirus made in China or USA. The fact is the consumption of unlawful animals created an outbreak of COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

Khalid M Raza

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