3 Factors to keep Indians infected more from Corona Virus if not avoided

3 Factors to keep Indians infected more from Corona Virus if not avoided

Experts claim that India will be like Italy or China in the coming 2 weeks if people still avoid social distancing. In Hyderabad of India, people are not scared of the spread of the Virus and the roads are empty only during the current period. This current period is Sunday 6: AM to Monday 6: AM. But, there’s a lot to discuss about entire India as 3 factors should be the main causes for increase of infections if not avoided. 

Cow Urine drinking is first 1 of the 3 Factors

There’s some unnecessary parties going on for the mass drinking of Cow urine in India. And we want the people know about the harmfulness of drinking Cow urine as one of the 3 factors. 

Cow urine and Cow dung are waste matters produced by the animal and people shouldn’t claim the animal as their deity. They should avoid worshiping the Cow as it’s another creation of the Almighty. Creations shouldn’t be worshiped. But, the Creator should be worshiped and with our stay at homes.

Cow urine consists of bacteria and the bacteria multiplies every few moments and this is very dangerous. People, who are healthy are still told to drink Cow urine and apply Cow dung on their bodies. This is very sad as people, who are safe and healthy should stay at home and drink something clean and eat good food. They should immediately avoid drinking Cow urine as it has no benefits at all.  

Factor 2

A Countrywide curfew for one or two days is not so much of benefit. A complete lock down of about 14 days should implemented. A 14 day curfew might be better for stopping the menace of people practicing their illogical activities to fight Coronavirus. Temples, Mosques, Churches, and various other religious centers invite people to gather.

The gathering of people in worship places including at restaurants and function halls should be stopped. Otherwise, Coronavirus or COVID-19 will cover entire India in a due course of time. Pray and worship at your homes for good and it’s a fact that first take prevention and then do your duties of worshiping. So, praying at homes during this current situation is not a sin. 

Factor 3

Youth think that they’ve enough immune system and they’re strong enough and so they can live normal life. No, it’s not true because they can still transmit the Virus to others. Their social gatherings should be stopped immediately. It’s hard for them to stay at home but this is crucial period in India as 1 major problem of all the 3 factors. We don’t have enough testing kits to know about more people suffering from this Virus.  

Best thing for Indians to know the exponential growth of this Virus. Cases in India have crossed 300. And who knows that there might be a thousand or more cases because infected people are still moving around on the streets. Health Ministry reported that there are about 300 cases of Coronavirus but whenever they tested people the cases increased.

So far India have tested only less than 20 thousand individuals. Hence, there might be more infected people if people get tested. This is so because some people thinking that it’s just a minor flu and normal running of nose. They’re also ignoring their suffering from cough. Still people cannot afford to be tested for Coronavirus because of lack of healthcare facilities in India.  

The threat is greater as experts conclude by saying that it’s better to work from home and keep in mind social distancing.

Khalid M Raza

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