Coronavirus update for what to believe and what to not believe

Coronavirus update for what to believe and what to not believe

Here, we prefer to keep our readers about Coronavirus update in this simple post. It’s so designed in a way to be more meaningfully can be understood. We want our readers to benefit with Coronavirus update for what they must believe and what they should ignore.  

Do Hot Weather Stops Coronavirus Spread?

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus can be spread in all places irrespective of hot or cold weather. Let’s know the important way to keep ourselves away from Coronavirus. We need to wash our hands with soap as much as possible. Whenever you feel to wash your hands with soap then do that immediately. This way you’re not allowing viruses from your hands onto your eyes, mouth, nose because you’re washing your hands frequently.  

The normal human body temperature is about 36 degree centigrade. This temperature is regardless of any external cold or hot temperatures. The body temperature never affected by any sort of external temperatures. So, frequently wash your hands with soap. Washing your hands frequently is the best way and nothing better than this.  

Hot bath is not required and at the same time it’s harmful. This is so because even if you take hot water bath your body temperature remains the same.

Taking a bath with normal hot water is better than taking bath with very hot water. People are taking bath currently with very hot water to kill germs. But this is very harmful. The best way remains is the washing of your hands frequently whenever required.

Drinking of normal hot water is better and we need to avoid drinking cold stuff.

Mosquito Bites? 

Mosquito bites never cause Coronavirus because no evidence yet found that Mosquito bites can cause Coronavirus. This Coronavirus update can make you feel better as most importantly you need to wash your hands frequently. This is so because it spreads from saliva or discharge from nose from an Coronavirus infected person. If he or she coughs or sneezes very close to you. So, keep always some distance from any person excluding your family members.

Always try to stay at home as much as possible. Whenever you return home then immediately wash your hands.  

Eating Garlic and Kalonji an Important Coronavirus Update

It’s better to mix garlic in your meals and eat it as garlic is healthy food. Eating garlic can never protect you from Coronavirus because no evidence yet found over this. But, Kalonji if taken in a small quantity everyday will definitely benefit you. You can also mix Kolonji in your Rotis and or rice or simply you can eat a little Kalongi everyday. And only once in a day.  

Kalonji is much benefiting than any other food product but science has not yet found any evidence of Kalonji benefits. We believe Kalonji is better for curing any disease but should be taken in a lesser quantity. Only Muslims know the benefits of Kalonji and it’s a very healthy product without any side effects.

Hope this Coronavirus update helps you and your family members as what you need to believe and what not to.

Khalid M Raza

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