Scholars say Plagues are mercy for believers as those died of Coronavirus are Martyrs

Scholars say Plagues are mercy for believers as those died of Coronavirus are Martyrs

Some eminent Scholars discussed using few historic disasters the World already gone through. The Scholars say plagues are mercy for the believers and related those occurrences with today’s Coronavirus. They’ve given examples of Plagues occurred in 218 Hijra, 228 Hijra, and 749 Hijra etc.

There was also a severe Plague in the 8th century of the Hijra called as the Black Plague. During this 749 Hijra Plague almost all Mosques were shut and Azaans were stopped. It was very severe. So, we need to be proactive regarding today’s Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it’s also a Plague.  

Scholars Say Plagues are Mercy & More

The World is battling hard to fight against this Virus. We must take preventive measures and remain at homes almost every time. Prayers need to be prayed at homes rather than going to Mosques. It’s strictly required for all of us to remain unaffected with Virus even though our death if we’re believers will benefit us. If we die of Coronavirus as believers then we’re Martyrs. So, do not panic at all. It’s a punishment for the disbelieving people and a mercy for the believers. 

Finally, Scholars say Plagues are mercy and they also want us to take strict precautions. They want every Person to remain at homes and rush for performing as many good deeds as possible. Whenever any Fitna arrives, we need to rush for worshiping our Lord and seek His forgiveness and mercy upon the World. We should not blame anything wrong for anybody died of Coronavirus.

Those died of this Virus are indeed the Martyrs (Shaheed). Yet, it’s important to be prepared and avoid going out for unnecessary requirements. Remain at homes and fight against the Virus rather than thinking falsely that “nothing will happen”. Remember committing suicide is a major sin. So, take all necessary precautions and avoid group discussions.

Khalid M Raza

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