Thursday, February 22, 2024
Cooking gas services closed  as people even unable to cook at homes

Cooking gas services closed as people even unable to cook at homes

Here’s is what we need to keep patience for having cooking gas delivered to our homes. This issue comes as soon as outside food has been allowed to order from SWIGGY or ZOMATO. Now, people cannot afford to buy outside food and also they assume that outside food is unhealthy. The govt is again hammering the mindset of the people with no cooking gas numbers working at present.  

It was also learned that cooking gas is the main source for cooking at homes for almost the entire population. However, some people have electric stoves but that will consume too much electricity. It’s high time that the gas authorities should wake up and solve this issue as soon as possible. The panic for the people of different parts of India including Hyderabad already started. We condemn such ignorance from the gas providers. And stand side by side with all those, who’re in need of gas cylinders to cook at home and eat healthy food.

There will be a disaster if the issue not resolved soon. Again, it’s a major concern to worry about and it’s the govt’s duty to provide necessary basic needs. Cooking gas is as important as breathing for many people across India including people of Hyderabad.

This kind of negligence for keeping the phone numbers switched off will not be acceptable. Further, the authorities should understand the impact of unavailability of gas cylinders to the people of Hyderabad & in more other parts of India.

Khalid M Raza

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