PM cares collecting money from Rich will be used on relief purpose or not?

PM cares collecting money from Rich will be used on relief purpose or not?

Well. the PM has switched now from his so called “Chowkidaar” term to make money with his appeal to Indians. He told on social media that even micro (minimum) amounts from the people of India will be helpful. So, people started crediting PM cares account of SBI in the amounts of Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2000 etc. Bollywood and sports celebrities also have donated huge amounts of money.

Akshay Kumar disclosed his donation to the tune of Rs 25 Crores. He said he did so from his savings. And Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also did so with his donation of Rs 50 lakhs and so on as the list is endless.  

Till date, the BJP govt has not utilized a single Crore of Rupees donated to the PM cares account. And helped not with testing more people for COVID-19 or Corona Virus. And to get relief to the poor with food and health security. The daily wage workers are still under severe crises. It’s not necessary that we should not come forward to donate from our savings for PM cares account.

Inhandwriter encourages all those Indians, who want to donate money to the PM should donate as much as they can. But, we should take care of our surrounding areas and help the poor people in our localities first. We cannot reach out to the poor people near to our areas easily because of the current situation. Yet, there are many ways to help the poor with their basic necessities.

PM cares Details

Name of the account: PM CARES
Account Number: 2121PM20202
IFSC Code: SBIN0000691
Name of the bank and branch: State Bank of India New Delhi Main Branch


Those already donated money to PM cares account have every right to ask that how’s the money will be used? The results should come within a couple of days as a large amount of money already collected. We should ask the government to make us know as how they’re helping the affected people. We cannot sit back and relax for no reason. Our duty is not just to donate money and be relaxed. We have to know the outcomes and the results should come out within couple of days.

The Kerala govt already helped the people of Kerala with a fund of Rs 20 thousand Crores. They did so without asking the central govt. And the results are coming on.

Do the govt realize that if the misuse of the funds collected via PM cares can further trouble BJP govt? Yes, people should not be cheated again as the situation is of concern to all of us. Why we should wait for more days to know what the govt is doing with the collected money. Results should come soon otherwise it’s again a drama from the BJP govt with PM cares account. Let’s think positive and still should not wait for a long time to know how the money will be utilized. Every citizen should’ve the knowledge of the money used for relief purpose or not?

Khalid M Raza

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