India should stop blame games against Muslims to defeat Corona Virus

India should stop blame games against Muslims to defeat Corona Virus

India will be a hot spot of Corona Virus or COVID-19 if the country continues blaming Muslims in any case. India should stop blame games against Muslims and try to find solutions to defeat the spread of COVID-19.  

We’ve learned that after Delhi attack happened over the Muslims, the Delhi Muslim victims got no relief yet. The huge money collected with the account of SBI as PM CARES needs to be spent on the Poor. The BJP govt never tried to help the daily wage workers from different communities and treated them irresponsibly.

BJP govt could’ve arranged transportation facilities as soon as possible but they did that very late. And even now the daily wage workers are unable to get financial supports. They’re still living a troubled life.

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The BJP govt targeted the Muslims of Nizamuddin Markaz for spreading Corona Virus. No one so far found positive to this Virus. Yet, extremists using them as a tool to insult Muslims. Why Modi is still anti poor? It’s fine for a leader from the RSS to speak against the Muslims in India. But does Modi realize that how much he’s making Indians to suffer.

Only the rich are benefited while the poor from all communities are in trouble. Modi uses Muslims in his strategy to get away from his wrong decisions and wrong leadership. His leadership is a failure and it’s a good time for India to defeat the spread of COVID-19.  

Moreover, India should stop blame games against Muslims to defeat Corona Virus and help all the poor Indians first. The money collected should be utilized in a fair and reasonable way. There are cases of Muslims and Non Muslims affected with Corona Virus. But BJP govt using media to create hatred against Indian Muslims. This way they’ll win hearts of Hindus but they cannot do so for a long period. Things will come out soon as who speaks lies and who speaks the truth.

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Finally, over 200 foreigners from Western Countries were seen travelling in Buses just yesterday. They’ve been given permission to travel freely in India. These Foreigners supposed to be traveling in two buses. And Police ignored them and when asked then the Police replied that govt given them permission. But further, asked as why?

Police tried to give lame excuses. India should stop blame games against Muslims as many voices raised because Muslims from Nizamuddin Markaz blamed. And without their committing of even a minor crime. This is unacceptable because this way India cannot fight against Corona Virus.

An FIR was lodged against these Muslims. And they did nothing wrong as they entered India with their pre booking of tickets 6 months before. Now, why BJP ignoring others and targeting only Muslims because they’re fascist. If BJP wants to proceed with progress in India then they should stop these blame games.

Khalid M Raza

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