Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Narendra Modi blames Tablighi Jamat from behind to help report fake

Narendra Modi blames Tablighi Jamat from behind to help report fake

PM Modi will be caught in a Web on a worldwide scale. And as investigations of the intellectuals and experts beefs up. We all know that Narendra Damordas Modi is the uneducated Prime Minister of India. Unfortunately, the media is sold to his BJP govt long back. The fascist’s policies further taken up with the Union Home Minister of India’s dirty games. He’s Amit Shah and Narendra Modi’s right hand. This dirty politics continues in India even in the darkness of Corona Virus. Narendra Modi blames Tablighi Jamat from behind and helps media to generate fake news while Amit Shah is hiding.  

Narendra Modi Blames Tablighi Jamat & More

Each news content in the online news channels have at least one sentence linking to Tablighi Jamat. Television Channels are still confused as people stopped believing them. Yet, Narendra Modi finds another way to insult Muslims and he did so cheaply that the world rejected his misguidance. His misguidance to the Media is very easy because the Media since couple of decades used to support only BJP. Their gaga over BJP is nothing new.  

Narendra Modi has become a laughing stock in the YouTube channels. And more around the World as no one from Tablighi Jamat were tested positive for Corona Virus. But, still the media is so corrupt that they’re unwilling to delete their posts. They made their posts to go viral across India and then their posts went viral across the globe. Thus, the investigation or sting operation upon their posts completed with laughs and more laughter.

“We don’t care about Tablighi Jamat as they’re not Indians”, said one Indian Muslim leader. However, Narendra Modi blames Tablighi Jamat to boost his vote bank in this tragic pandemic period. India is in the third stage of Corona Virus but Modi still wants to regain his lost followers. His cunning tactics will not continue for long.

Let’s hope Modi followers wake’s up again. It’s time to defeat Corona Virus but not to divide Hindus and Muslims. The BJP is selfish and they gain much attention if they create fake news posts against Muslims.

Khalid M Raza

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