Narendra Modi will push India in Sea of Poverty say Experts

Narendra Modi will push India in Sea of Poverty say Experts

The most famous personality in India is none other than the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He’s equally liked and disliked. He has so many followers but experts say that Narendra Modi will push India in sea or ocean of poverty. Bangladesh defeated India in terms of GDP and economy under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Fortunately, Indians do not have those genes like those of the Western countries. And so India is less affected with Corona Virus and so Pakistan and Bangladesh including Sri Lanka and Afghanistan etc.  

Narendra Modi continues his leadership with his over confidence upon his BJP followers. He was not blamed over taking India towards joblessness, etc., and so he’s playing with false beliefs to fight Corona Virus. Narendra Modi will push India in the darkness of poverty and hunger and more such troubles. Asians do not possess genes like the people from America, Europe and China and so are less affected with Corona Virus.

Experts say that Corona Virus or COVID-19 is gene related disease and that fortunately can affect very less Indians. But, India is still under the trouble of spreading the disease in all parts across the nation.

BJP spread rumors about Tablighi Jamat since more than a week. And it was found today that Tablighi Jamat people never carried any virus and were healthy. People from Tablighi Jamat of about 1500 or so should also be affected with Corona Virus in order to spread it. They cannot carry Corona Virus in their pockets to spread it across India.

Narendra Modi will push India to blame Innocents  

Narendra Modi will push India to blame innocents for their no faults to keep his followers interested in his dirty policies. He will continue to do so until the scare of Corona Virus eventually gets wiped off. And this will happen only with the treatment of Corona Virus affected Indians and that’s likely to happen next year. There’s no doubt that Corona Virus will be wiped off in the end of 2021.

Narendra Modi will push India in false beliefs and misconceptions of the religion of Islam until then. His enmity with the religion of Islam will continue to please his followers. And they’ll ignore his failures.  

He will take India towards the Sea of poverty and that is inevitable as he wants to believe in his own personal gains. He’s not a leader to make India progress but to divide India for the progress of BJP. It’s high time that Indians should realize that Narendra Modi will push India towards more troubles if they blindly follow him.

Khalid M Raza

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