Tuesday, February 20, 2024
India deaths rises to over 50000 as BJP creates fake data of Corona Virus

India deaths rises to over 50000 as BJP creates fake data of Corona Virus

It’s misguiding for you to ask yourself that how many people that you’ve seen are dying from Corona Virus. Well, you never know the truth as India deaths from Corona Virus are alarmingly risen to over 50,000. You cannot inquire about the number of India deaths since a month, which BJP govt is hiding from you. They’re fooling themselves as they believe to play everything in their favor through the media. World also knows that some countries are also not furnishing correct information about the number of deaths. However, India under BJP is not only fooling the World but fooling Indians including themselves.

India Deaths and a bit More… 

If you want to know the number of Corona Virus cases then you’ll either check Indian govt site or Worldometer. But, you’ll definitely are in total lockdown over what’s going on in India. The World believes what each Country speaks about number of deaths or the active cases of Corona Virus. But, look in to that as you might not figure out from where you can find the correct information.

Yes, you might not make a trip to find out even your locality that how many are dying of Corona Virus. For instance, in Indoor itself over 200 people died of Corona Virus. This excludes what’s happening across entire India with unofficial reports of India deaths.  

The BJP govt is playing political games with highlighting some small issues like Tablighi Jamat and concealing some true information. However, inside reports from an expert revealed that India deaths stands at over 50,000 since just three Weeks. It’s up to you to believe this figure or not but there are tonnes of facts hidden by the BJP govt’s misguiding rule. Why they’re doing so?

This is because they want to be in power and to hide their mismanagement of the Country. They’ll not and never disclose their weak points. If they do so then they need to resign and let someone take care of India. We don’t need politics in the fight against Corona Virus. And why not? Yes, further reports of the causes of over 50,000 India deaths since 3 Weeks are about to be confirmed. However, it’s BJP’s policy to hide true information from the people of India and from those staying across the World.

Khalid M Raza

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