Thursday, November 30, 2023
Healthcare workers in India affected with Corona Virus is major concern

Healthcare workers in India affected with Corona Virus is major concern

India currently has more than 8500 Corona Virus infected cases officially and about 300 people succumbed. This is according to the Union Health Ministry. About 910 new cases piled up and about 34 people died in the last 24 hours. However, the Health Ministry did not revealed the report that over 90 healthcare workers in India infected with COVID-19.  

Healthcare Workers in India Should be Saved

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a four-hour meet with at least 13 Chief Ministers on Saturday. He indicated that the nationwide lock down might be added with two weeks more. Modi might produce a televised address to the nation again to announce the extension of the lock down. In this case he will not keep you to clap or dance and do anything else, which’s useless.

So, listen to what PM Modi would address on a nationwide speech. However, the BJP government might focus to revive the economy, which already in trouble since 2018. PM Modi will speak over the control of the Corona Virus spread in India. It’s likely that this time he will take a good decision. Many experts have already written so many letters on the concerns over the quick spread of Corona Virus to the PM. 

This also concerning to the experts that at least 90 healthcare workers are affected with this COVID-19 or Novel Corona Virus. It’s high time that BJP govt should take prompt actions to save the fighters like all the healthcare workers in India.

The healthcare workers are fighting a tough battle but in some hospitals in India they’re keeping the patients on high risks. Thus, healthcare workers keeping the Virus positive patients with other patients in the same ward. This is what India as developed nation should avoid. The govt should monitor as many hospitals as they can. And try to decrease the spread of Corona Virus without keeping religion in their minds.

Khalid M Raza

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