World leaders pressurized Narendra Modi to stop harassing Minorities

World leaders pressurized Narendra Modi to stop harassing Minorities

World leaders from various Countries pressurized Narendra Modi. Mr Narendra Modi is a Fascist Prime Minister of India. And he troubled Muslims in Kashmir and all Minorities in India. However, reports suggest that Narendra Modi took U Turn from his Fascist governance. And he’ll stop troubling Minorities in India. The Minorities in India include Muslims in large numbers. But Narendra Modi govt used to trouble Minorities to change India into Hindu Nation. 

When World leaders criticized Narendra Modi over targeting Muslims in the worst period of the Corona Virus. It was then learned that he took U turn. However, he started fighting on the border with Pakistan and again he failed. India’s image also damaged in Pakistan as Pakistani troops fought back hard and left India clueless. Thus, it’s worrying that how can our enemy win the battle over our country as we lost unnecessary battle.

India should’ve concentrated over fighting for Corona Virus but they started fighting against Pakistan. Pakistani commanders did a long chase to push India return back with normalcy restored in the region. Many Indian troops died and some returned back when Indian spy aircraft also was shot down by Pakistan.  

Meanwhile, the good news is that there will be no NRC, NPR or CAA in India as this can further damage Indian economy. So, Muslims in India will remain as citizens of India forever as Narendra Modi took U turn after foreign leaders pressurized him.

Khalid M Raza

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