India conducting more Coronavirus tests as States learned from Maharashtra

India conducting more Coronavirus tests as States learned from Maharashtra

The States in India have doing their fair enough duties to fight against the infectious Coronavirus or COVID-19. So far Delhi has overtaken Maharashtra and has rapidly testing more people everyday. However, Maharashtra’s fight against Coronavirus has been appreciated. Thus, it’s good to know that India conducting more Coronavirus tests everyday. It’s likely that India will be another country close to South Korea as the States in India have learned from Maharashtra. There are no serious critical cases disclosed yet by the govt of India.  

As you the number of deaths are below 400 and the Coronavirus cases are less than 10,000 in India. It’s more likely that the governments of each State in India caring more about their people to stay at homes. And conducting more tests. This is something India was lagging behind but the country has picked up despite the central govt’s least caring. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was not so keen to do more tests and in some cases he failed miserably.

He was also responsible for not providing protective kits to the doctors in India as India exported the kits in large numbers. This was done under his poor leadership and this continues even today. However, many States in India are trying their best to fight against this infectious disease.  

Despite BJP’s arrogance, it was learned that on an average India conducting more Coronavirus tests. And it would be better if Coronavirus cases controlled in India as soon as possible. This is so because poor people in India are dying with hunger and have not gotten any support from BJP govt.

Lockdown might not end sooner in India as it’s expected that within 2 Weeks Coronavirus cases might increase. India conducting more Coronavirus tests is a good news. But it would be possible that a jump in number of cases to about 50,000 in 3 weeks from today.

Khalid M Raza

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