What will happen in India if Hindus boycott Muslim businesses as BJP wants?

What will happen in India if Hindus boycott Muslim businesses as BJP wants?

It’s okay for the Hindus to boycott buying from Muslim grocery stores or boycott buying fruits from Muslim fruit vendors. It’s also okay for the Hindus to boycott Muslim restaurants & hotels. But, when Hindus in large numbers start boycotting all Muslim businesses then what will happen in India? The economy will collapse. And this will happen for sure as already the economy in India is not revived even after 2019. Businesses will be affected not only of the Muslims but also those of the Hindus. Suppliers will be troubled and more crises will occur. Let’s understand the scenario in more detail but in short.  

India was the most appreciated country in the world as the no 1 secular & democratic nation. All Indians including the Hindus do work in various foreign countries and are appreciated for their hard work. Even in Gulf or Muslim countries Indians are appreciated.

However, India’s economy was growing fast and India was used to be compared with Western Countries. Now, under BJP it was learned that India is presently compared to Pakistan etc. When the BJP media fails in creating Hindu Muslim hatred inciting stories then it turns towards Pakistan. Thus, some Hindus start abusing Indian Muslims and say go to Pakistan etc. In this way BJP hides so much of their failures that you cannot figure out.

What will Happen in India if BJP’s make believe World followed?

Muslims are happy to work in Hindu companies or businesses and so are Hindus. Most of the Muslims have Hindu maids or servants. There’s a lot when give and take policy between Hindus and Muslims opposed and India will never grow. What will happen in India if BJP continues to target Muslims to divert the attention of Hindus?

There would be disaster and that will be worst than the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. The virus for the time being kept whole India locked down but for how long? This has to go and India needs to start their business and resume normal life. BJP is there but not to support you because their intentions should be understood as they did what they wanted.

BJP won’t help you out from your financial difficulties or your financial problems. What will happen in India needs to be understood if we are divided as Hindus & Muslims. We would not be benefited with the hatred incited between us from BJP govt. There are a lot of businesses that only Muslims can manage to do. And yes, there are also lot of businesses that only Hindus can manage to do.

This way India will never prosper if divide & rule policy continues. Still, it’s a wake up call that what will happen in India if there’s no unity between people of all religions? India will suffer and poverty will increase in India including joblessness. There’s a lot more that you can learn if you love India.

Khalid M Raza

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