Coronavirus is not bio weapon but BJP using it to hide lot of failures

Coronavirus is not bio weapon but BJP using it to hide lot of failures

You people never think that it’s a calamity like the floods and earthquakes and absolutely it can be a test. The test of mankind from the Creator of the Worlds should be understood first. Every movement on the Worlds has been made in accordance with what the Creator wants to. Anything happens on Earth always watched. And the Creator (The Lord of the Worlds) to whom we worship will ease this situation sooner or later. But the time is to think wisely and worship Him as much as possible to seek His blessings. Remind yourself and do not fall in false notion as Coronavirus is not bio weapon.

It’s a calamity. And people in this World are tested as they were tested before. The Creator will test you while providing you wealth & luxury and at the same time with diseases and poverty. Here, we all are responsible to help the poor in this period of the pandemic. Brotherhood between each of can be helpful and love of humanity should arise. We cannot ignore that the Creator of the Worlds only can give relief to us from this Coronavirus.

We need to take precautions and stay at homes and never spread it or go to the places where there’s this disease.

Coronavirus is not Bio Weapon & More

Proper medication and worshiping the Almighty is the need of the hour. But, people taking this in a wrong way and not fighting against this Coronavirus or COVID-19. Coronavirus is not a bio weapon and it’s nothing like man made virus. Why would you fall in trap over false beliefs of clapping and coming out of homes to light the fire crackers.

Indians are too much superstitious and the PM of India is a curse to the nation. He’s happy to say that India is fighting hard but does he think of the sufferings of the poor under lock down? He would have supplied food to the poor people in India. And as reports claim that poor people in India are dying more from hunger than Coronavirus. If not deaths malnutrition is on the rise in India. It’s a shame that the PM of India is responsible spread the virus. This is because he never thinks practically and believes in superstition.

There’s still time for India to fight against the virus effectively. Coronavirus is not a bio weapon but it’s for sure a weapon of the BJP to hide their failures. And they would blame Coronavirus for everything including joblessness and increase of poverty in India.

Khalid M Raza

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