Narendra Modi mix of words can make Modi Bakhts to stop lying

Narendra Modi mix of words can make Modi Bakhts to stop lying

Prime Minister of India is an RSS member and for his entire life. He cares to benefit his party BJP. BJP is Bharatiya Janata Party and the Party creates too much awareness about how to hate minorities and also creates fake stories. Narendra Modi mix of words can make the so called Modi Bakhts astonished and shocked. They’ll therefore stop lying. And they will be bothered over the truth that will be spoken out or reached to them in any which way.  

Narendra Modi mix of words & more

Narendra Modi mix of words is a new concept carried out to expose his followers. His followers always speak all lies and create fake propaganda against Muslims. This is therefore an understandable fact that is not tangible but there are some tangible forces do exist.

These tangible forces are used to create hatred among the majority of Indians against the minorities. When it’s discussed about the minorities then they’ll only target Muslims, but it’s not that way. They target Hindus of lower casts including Dalits, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and more.  

Again the Narendra Modi mix of words will continue to make the Indians unaware of the situations in India. He will say that India is fighting against everything but he might not talk about joblessness, etc.

Yet, he will say some words to make people believe that he’s bothered about the poor in India. However, he’s focused over his personal gains and the more attention his BJP gets the more he’s pleased.

If you can write a note like “beware of dogs” then you can also add “beware of BJP”. This is so because India is going down under deep trouble with the infections of Coronavirus on rise. Already affected economy with Zero GDP growth, India will never fight against poverty after the fight against Coronavirus ends. Coronavirus will go but what will be the position of India after that?

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