Coronavirus keeps away selective guests as parties avoided at Muslim homes

Coronavirus keeps away selective guests as parties avoided at Muslim homes

Many people say that Coronavirus made entire World look like following Islam. There’s no nudity, no pubs, no bars, and no parties going on. However, it’s true that Coronavirus keeps away selective guests partying at Muslim homes. In India Muslims are the only community that’s abiding by the law and are taking lot of care. Mosques are closed, no visitors at Muslim homes, no parties, no marriages, etc.  

But there are various other religions in India keeping experts shocked to know that there’s still mass gathering. Recently, Karnataka had a mass gathering of Hindus in the name of religious function. And police couldn’t do much to stop the gatherings in India for some reason. Well, the most affected or hurt people in the Muslim community are the ones, who gets no invite.

In many cases some of the family members used to be invited while others not or singling out one person. Some Muslims also do not invite their poor relatives. However, Islam recommends Muslims to keep equality in between men & women, rich & poor etc. The time is so fascinating that Muslim homes are quite and no more functions going on.  

Why there’s lot of stress for inviting poor Muslims in the parties according to Islam? It’s so because the poor Muslims should be benefited with good meals and the delights of the functions. Today the rich Muslims are awakened and travelling long distances to reach poor people to support them with good food. Rich Muslims and middle class Muslims playing their key role in helping the poor irrespective of religion.

The poor people are happy that at least the Muslim community is coming forward to feed them good food. Coronavirus making Muslims to learn more about Islam and follow at least the basics of Islam.

Khalid M Raza

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