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Sagarika Ghose shares old picture to keep fans entertained as her story told

Sagarika Ghose shares old picture to keep fans entertained as her story told

“Since we’re all putting up old pics, here’s one to keep you entertained”. Said Sagarika Ghose. She’s an author, journalist, columnist, and much more.


A die hard addict of wine as she flaunts her way to make you entertained too. Her company always matters with her brilliant sense of humor. She can make you laugh and weep too. Yet another Writer, who believes that she’s liberal and broadminded. She can go to any extent to choose topics for her write ups. A not so philosophic but extremely philanthropic person. She’ll definitely take you on a ride with her use of words to confuse you.

Here’s her old pic:

Sagarika Ghose told that she’s the number 1 journalist when she was asked where she stands in journalism? The lady finds so much fun writing articles that even the corrupt top online channels forced to publish her secular posts. Her story on secularism is that she loves every human being and she’s not insane as the BJP leaders. However, BJP media also publishes her posts and columns as they require her strength to gain publicity.

Her hobbies are plenty but she finds not much time to fulfill. She likes travelling foreign countries and her most interesting hobby is writing and more writing. She’s focused on her career and has been followed by millions of her fans around the world.

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