World body red signals India as lesser testings can increase spread of Coronavirus

World body red signals India as lesser testings can increase spread of Coronavirus

India so far tested 240 tests per 1 Million population. This callous nature of the govt can lead to rapid increase in the spread of Coronavirus. World body of experts claimed that India is way behind all the countries for their lowest testing scale. No matter how the weather can favor India as many experts in India from BJP govt responded optimistically. They said that Coronavirus might not spread in India with hot & humid climate. The World body of experts are reluctant over the issue of India’s lowest testings for the Coronavirus. “India is tentative and does not want to look into the big picture”. Said WHO. 

It’s very clear as more number of testings made that more number of cases will come up and the fight will be stringent. USA is battling hard to stop the spread of Coronavirus. But it’s now unpredictable that how many lives USA might lose? Most affected Countries from COVID-19 or novel Coronavirus along with USA are Italy & Spain. Next to them is Iran. China already declared as the Country from where the Virus started spreading but there’s no panic at present in China. It’s so because China did well to fight against the spread of the infectious disease.

However, World body disclosed that India is under deep trouble as hunger and famine in the country is alarmingly rising. India needs to take positive steps and relieve the hunger struck people with proper supply of food. Further, India needs to do as many tests everyday as possible to combat the spread of this disease. Currently India has two diseases as the first one is the crises of poverty and the next is hunger.

Khalid M Raza

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