Ramadan starting from April 23 in India as Muslims to fast with praying at homes

Ramadan starting from April 23 in India as Muslims to fast with praying at homes

Muslims are aware that they need to keep fasting and keep worshiping the Almighty irrespective of the circumstances. Ramadan starting from April 23 as during the evening of this date, Muslims get confirmed of the correct date. The correct date can be April 24 or April 25.

There’s more for the Muslims to get prepared for fasting along with praying and reading Quran. And that’s to help the poor & needy persons in this period of Coronavirus.

Indian Muslims should ignore what fake stories that Indian media has been creating against the Muslims. And the Muslims need to learn Islam in accordance with the Quran and authentic Hadiths. Quran teaches us to follow Islam as believers of the Almighty, Who created everything. But Muslims can only understand Quran better if they also follow authentic Hadiths.

It’s requested to all the Muslims in India to read Sahi Bukhari and other authentic Hadiths. It was told in Quran to establish prayers. And the prayers need to be prayed in the way that Hadiths teach the Muslims. So, do not ignore the authentic Hadiths in order to understand Islam in the best possible way.

It’s possible that Ramadan starting from April 23 in India but it’s also good if we do more charity this time. Rich Muslims are requested to help the poor people whether they might be of any religion.

Look into the neighborhood and find out also the information about your poor relatives. The time to pray and help the poor is round the corner. Good Muslims in the entire year even on normal days help the poor people. And this should be given more importance during this time.

Khalid M Raza

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