Only 0.08 percent of ration supplied to poor people out of 78000 tonnes

Only 0.08 percent of ration supplied to poor people out of 78000 tonnes

According to the latest evaluation as learned from experts this post is written. The BJP govt has been let free with huge amount of money they made through PM CARES. BJP govt is still credited with more money through PM CARES and the process is going on. But they’ve not given a single rupee to the poor people. Rs 500 notes were distributed only to create hype over their helping as major show off. Yet, emergency ration was decreased to just about 0.08 percent from the always available 78000 tonnes of ration. This means that only 0.08 percent of ration has been distributed among the poor.

This raises a question that poor people are not that hungry and they can sleep with empty stomachs?

The responsibility of the BJP govt was to distribute money and ration to the poor people. But they’re cheating the poor people as many are still hungry. This is so because BJP distributed only 0.08 percent of ration to the poor people out of the emergency reserve of 78000 tonnes. It’s again the poor people suffering under the governance of the BJP.

BJP will never learn from their mistakes and they believe politics is business. Yes, politics might be their business but better governance to help the poor people needs to be learned. They cannot fool all Indians as their supporters trying to save them from almost all their failures. The AndhBakhts will not agree to this post but for how long?

Khalid M Raza

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