Narendra Modi cheated Muslim Countries with double games as India will be attacked

Narendra Modi cheated Muslim Countries with double games as India will be attacked

OIC is Organization of Islamic Countries and this OIC preferred India over Pakistan. This came to light when Sushma Swaraj was invited despite Pakistan boycotted India’s participation. In that recent OIC meeting the late Sushma Swaraj spoke about the peacefulness that she finds in Islam. This has been BJP’s double standard. And they went on to harass Muslims in India and are still carrying out harassment of Muslims. Arresting Muslims for no crime is BJP’s policy. However, Narendra Modi cheated Muslim Countries in order to seek help financially for his govt.

Muslim Countries supported India financially on a large scale but Narendra Modi utilized that huge money in improper way. He cheated not only Muslim Countries but harassed Muslims in India. 

Recent killings of Muslims and destruction of Muslim businesses in Delhi. And the suffering of Muslims in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir by locking them under curfew. The story of BJP’s crime is very lengthy under the policies and double standards of Narendra Modi & Amit Shah. Muslims also in various other states of India has been under trouble in the leadership of Narendra Modi. Modi begged Muslim Countries to support India in the name of Indian Muslims. But, BJP has been doing criminal politics since 2014.

Time and situation is wide open and BJP has been exposed many times. But, it’s highly condemned that Narendra Modi cheated Muslim Countries only for his personal gains. And not for any benefit to India or Indians. Thus, reports also suggest that India will be attacked by their own leader Mr. Narendra Damordas Modi. Hope this might not happen and Indians will be saved again.

Khalid M Raza

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