Muslims also will lose jobs if reacted not peacefully but hatefully to Hindu’s hatred of Islam

Muslims also will lose jobs if reacted not peacefully but hatefully to Hindu’s hatred of Islam

Hindu’s hatred of Islam is rising since a long time and reaching across Muslim countries including Gulf. This is a test for all Muslims to spread the peaceful message of Islam as Islam teaches peace. Muslims also will lose jobs in the Gulf and in various other Muslim countries if they too are guilty of.

Muslim scholars told that Muslims should not react to anyone of any other religion on the basis of hate against hate. “Give love and peace in return when you receive hatred”. Islam spreads only with peace and good character. And Muslims shouldn’t spoil the image of Islam with the use of hatred against hatred of Hindus. However, such reactions from Muslims are not yet confirmed.  

But if Muslims reacted hatefully to the posts of Hindus in Muslim countries then they’ll also lose jobs. A criminal case also will be filed against both these illogical Hindus & Muslims. Hindus should learn Islam first as they can find authentic knowledge of Islam available on reliable sources.

There are many unauthentic Islamic websites that teach wrongly and misguide the Hindu community. However, Hindus never try to understand what Islam teaches and what are the benefits of following Islam? Yes, they grab wrong teachings of Islam from somewhere and more nonsensical information about Islam from elsewhere. Their intentions are bad and so they’re not guided rightfully.

A Bit More on Muslims also will lose jobs… 

Muslims also will lose jobs. But this might not hurt the Muslim community as they depend upon their provision through their good intentions. However, there are many Muslims in India and around the world, who react to the non Muslim hateful comments. They react with their replying of highly condemned retaliation and do not make sense with peacefulness.

Every Muslim should get hurt if Hindus or any other community talks bad about Islam. But, they should follow the teachings of the last and final messenger of Allah. And believe in all the messengers sent on earth right from Adam A.S. to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Khalid M Raza

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