SC might ignore lie spoken by Aranab Goswami over his attack by 2 Men

SC might ignore lie spoken by Aranab Goswami over his attack by 2 Men

Republic TV’s Editor in Chief and the master of inciting communal violence is a lie speaking idiot. Most of the TV anchors in India work or do incite violence and hatred among the people of India. Arnab Goswami as told is the master of inciting violence creating fake news always. He is under the scanner of so many FIRs against him but he’ll be let free. It’s because SC might ignore lie spoken by Arnab because he supports BJP. BJP is the central government and in power with majority as justice will not be done.

SC cannot be deserved to be called as Supreme Court of India if it does not make right decisions. It’s a shame that the Supreme Court of India is biased. Absolutely it’s something that’s of concern. We are moving in wrong direction under the leadership of Narendra Modi. BJP wants to make money and more money and never helps the poor people in India.

Arnab Goswami deserves jail as he kept inciting violence. The video he made was made at around 8: PM according to tech experts. In his video he claimed that he was attacked at midnight around 12: 15 AM. This exposes his many more lies. But SC might ignore the crimes and do whatever BJP wants the SC to do.

This is the same SC, who favored the demolition of Babri Masjid as rightful. So, what can people of India expect? India is losing the power of truth and hatred and lies are on the rise. However, let’s hope that SC might ignore lie spoken sometimes but this it might not.

Khalid M Raza

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