BJP insulted worldwide including white house for abusing Indian Muslims

BJP insulted worldwide including white house for abusing Indian Muslims

BJP is Bharatiya Janata Party and is supposed to be the party for the people. It has turned towards fascism and increasing joblessness including poverty with their abusing of Muslims. The rise of hunger and poverty only happened since BJP took power in 2014. BJP insulted worldwide including white house for carrying out atrocities over Indian Muslims. “I’m dismayed with the insult of our President and Prime Minister that the white house did. I urge the Ministry of external Affairs to take a note”. Said Rahul Gandhi today.

Princess of the UAE and the leaders of the Muslim countries are also insulting BJP govt and PM Modi. India instead of fighting against the Coronavirus has been building hatred against Indian Muslims. Muslims in India are harassed and tortured and also blamed for what they’ve not done. They’re easily arrested and left in disarray towards more trouble without any inquiry.

Tablighi Jamat was used cleverly by the BJP govt to hurt Indian Muslims more. What they got in return was the gift from this Jamat as the donation of plasma. They did so for the concern of humanity. However, BJP is inhumane and will be caught for investigation upon their criminal leaders.

BJP insulted worldwide including white house as the white house after following PM & President opted out. They just hurt India in this way to teach the BJP govt a good lesson. Still if BJP does not care about the poor people in India then it will be a useless. BJP accrued huge money and never used the money for the poor. It’s sad that BJP is misguiding Indians rather than do good for India’s progress.

Khalid M Raza

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