Tablighi Jamat finished donating plasma one by one standing in queues

Tablighi Jamat finished donating plasma one by one standing in queues

From Algeria, Brazil to Andaman & Nicobar Islands the Tablighi Jamat donated their plasma one by one. They waited for a long time in the queue and did their good cause to help Coronavirus infected people. This is the return gift from the Tablighi Jamat after abused a lot in India. It means to mention here that when an old lady used to through dirt every day whenever our Prophet (PBUH) used to pass through her house. The Prophet used to clean himself and did not mind what she was doing.

One day the old lady did not do so and the Prophet (PBUH) knocked at her door and inquired whether she’s doing well or not. The Prophet (PBUH) thought that the old lady might be sick. But, after peaceful discussion with that old lady. She was so shocked and astonished and then ultimately accepted Islam. This is the way that all Muslims should follow today with their acts of only good work rather than reacting hatefully.

Muslims should keep patience and then the truth will come out sooner or later. Almighty is always watching all the living beings on earth and all people on earth should know this.

Everything is so nicely designed by the Lord of the worlds that people should be kind and spread peace not hatred. We’re glad and fortunate to be born as Muslims. Do this not mean that we ignore what’s taught to us.

No! we should worship the Almighty and follow what’s told to us in Islam. Spreading peace is easier than spreading hatred. Hatred requires so many lies to cover up as one lie after another. Our Children should also always speak the truth. And help humanity rather than reacting hatefully to the ugly comments of the non Muslims.

Khalid M Raza

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