Muslims can celebrate Eid in simple way for money saving to donate poor

Muslims can celebrate Eid in simple way for money saving to donate poor

Muslims can celebrate Eid in the simplest possible way at their homes without stepping out. They can do so to save billions of rupees and that will help the poor in need under the lock down. Imagine if each Muslim saves about Rs 1000 then the money saved will be in billions. That means out of total Muslims in India; about 25 Crore will spend at least Rs 1000 for new clothes. On an average, the money saved by all Muslims will be around Rs 250000000 multiplied by Rs 1000. That’s about 250 billion rupees. This is a staggering amount.  

So, especially Muslims in India should prefer to celebrate Eid at their homes wearing clean and best clothes already available. They should refrain from spending money on new clothes as this will benefit not the poor people. The amount of at least 250 billion will go as a profit to those, who are not in need. Muslims can celebrate Eid and perform Eid prayers at their homes because of Coronavirus or COVID-19. Indeed this will not make the Muslims away from the Almighty and they’ll be doing the best deed.

The best deed is helping the poor people when they’re in need. And this is longest period of suffering for the poor people under lock down. If we do not take care of the poor people then who will do such good deed to please the Almighty?

Muslims Can Celebrate Eid at Homes 

Think wisely and practically. If a family spends about Rs 50 thousand on Eid shopping then at least they can donate Rs 10 thousand to the poor. They can do so without doing any Eid shopping and still they can keep Rs 40 thousand handy. So, all Muslim families are requested to celebrate Eid only at their homes without stepping out. If the govt allows Muslims to do shopping then it’s only for their own benefit and not for the Muslims or poor people. Muslims can celebrate Eid with simplicity to help the poor people of any religion.

All Muslims need to understand the priority first. You’ll be allowed to do shopping for the sake of businesses to get benefited. But what about the poor? And what about your hard earned money? Do you not keep the money for yourself when you need in the crises that will take place within couple of months? Helping poor people of any religion is also considered as the best deed and you’ll be rewarded. Wake up and do understand the situation.

Khalid M Raza

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1 thought on “Muslims can celebrate Eid in simple way for money saving to donate poor

  1. With good intentions, this is such a misleading article. Do you realize that already all the capable Muslims donate 2.5% of their savings towards Zakat for the poor. In addition, the minimum amount which they spend towards Eid would be an opportunity for all individuals who want to make hard earned money for their family. I understand that due to COVID 19, the Eid will not be the same and the shopping expenses for Eid would decrease drastically. At the same time, earnings for majority of muslims has taken a hit in last couple of months due to COVID-19. In short, you need to understand the overall economics and cyclic money flow.

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