Muslims can pray this way as healthy Muslims not allowed for sitting in prayers

Muslims can pray this way as healthy Muslims not allowed for sitting in prayers

Muslims can pray rightly and perform their five time prayers including Tahajjud if possible. They can practice praying at homes in congregation with their family members. And one of the males can also give the call for prayers at homes during this pandemic Coronavirus. The best opportunity is to try praying while standing position. It means they should bend properly and prostrate rightly and sit fittingly. If they continue to do so then they can avoid praying while sitting. Hence, you can say practice can make you perfect. And the more perfect you’re in performing the prayers the more right way you’re following.

Muslims can Pray at Homes & More…

According to the Muslim scholars and Sahi Hadith, all Muslims praying while sitting will get half of the reward. It was also seen that with the irregularity in the praying, Muslims of middle ages cannot afford to sit rightly. They have no patience while standing as well. So, the time to do good deeds and correct the way we pray and seek forgiveness from our Lord. Allah will be pleased with those Muslims, who seek His mercy and worship Him regularly. It also means that the little regular worship is better than highs and lows in worshiping.  

Women always feel tired but not while walking and they perform their praying in sitting position. This is highly condemned if healthy Muslims pray while sitting. Muslims can pray and read Qura’n with meaning. It means all Muslims should understand what’s written in the Holy Qura’n. Today, the world is learning to understand Qura’n.

And we as Muslims shouldn’t ignore understanding Qura’n and Sahi Hadiths. Some insane people of the RSS BJP IT cell are abusing Muslims with their usage of half verses from Qura’n. Incomplete knowledge of Islam is dangerous. They’re here to raise enmity over Islam. We need to keep patience and pray at homes with our best possible way. The best possible way for Muslims is to offer their prayers rightfully.  

We need to donate more money to the needy people. And we’ll get rewarded for this in the current situation of Coronavirus crises. Muslims are responsible to help the poor people of any religion.

Khalid M Raza

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