BJP exposed of not helping poor people with funds collected BJP eaten up

BJP exposed of not helping poor people with funds collected BJP eaten up

PM Narendra Modi announced that BJP will help poor people from a total of 1 lakh 70 thousand Crores. However, BJP exposed of not helping poor people as BJP never deposited any amount in the accounts of the poor people. If you can check with the poor people then you’ll know that not even a few received any money. The poor people as declared by the BJP govt are the ration card holders and they should get Rs 2125 each. This is what BJP did with restrictions to the audit of the PM CARES fund. BJP collected huge amounts not only from the rich but from the middle class.

Now that middle class people are also suffering under Coronavirus Lockdown.

 BJP exposed not helping Poor & More…

The middle class in India are the silent suffering people because of that they don’t care what’s wrong happening in India. But they’re now in trouble after losing jobs. Who will speak for them when they did not raised their voice over the atrocities to the poor people. Well, talking about the atrocities to the poor means that the poor laborers were left to suffer with hunger.

They somehow got respect from the majority of Indians as they started walking miles towards their homes. Middle class people are always silent and that’s another issue we’ll discuss later. BJP exposed of not helping poor people with the money they collected. 

If we divide Rs 170000 Crores by 80 Crore ration card holding poor people we’ll get the figure as Rs 2125. This amount of Rs 2125 should reach to every poor family as they’re suffering a lot. But, the money has been eaten up. We know that poor people in India are suffering a lot in India but what will happen when the middle class suffers.

Yes, time will come soon to wake up the middle class people as they’re losing jobs and are unable to pay their bills etc. BJP exposed of not helping poor people but the requirement here is that the BJP should help the middle class too. This will never happen. And let the middle class continue to do show off. Simply crediting PM CARES account with Rs 500 to Rs 2000 only to wait for more disasters.

Khalid M Raza

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