Worldly life of people is Test to get passed for endless life after Death

Worldly life of people is Test to get passed for endless life after Death

Well, the World is battling hard to eliminate Corona Virus or COVID-19 and it’s an enemy very small. World is looking at Corona Virus as the most dangerous enemy and all the Countries are equally worried. Worldly life is not just meant to live joyfully after achieving Worldly success in businesses or jobs. It’s more than what we demand for.  

Our wants in the Worldly life are endless as our goals never end. We live in this World to enjoy the best we can but this World is all about an illusion. When we hit from any calamity we think that it’s troubling us. The life after death is endless. So why not we prepare ourselves for the life after death as it’s endless. Worldly life might be of a few years or about 100 years or so but every soul will surely taste death.

What’s then? Do we not consider as fortunate to find the Creator of the Worlds and Him alone? Why not? We have lot of intelligence to know that there’s only One God. He sent you to this World for a “test” that you might succeed and get the best life after death.

Worldly Life is no Joke

What you want to know about where the World is going towards is nothing but your intention to find joy & peace. If you come towards Islam and learn what’s already written. And learn the authentic books in your own language that Islam provides then you’ll be curious to know more. You cannot see any Muslim’s life to learn about Islam. But to know Islam you should know what Allah said in the Glorious Qura’n.

The Glorious Qura’n mentions many many signs that you’ll come to know in future with the help of science. The Glorious Qura’n already mentioned about the miracles over 1400 years back. And the science finding today or since hundred years or so. Science discovered many things that were already mentioned in the Glorious Qura’n.  

Worldly life is just about a day or of a month or of a few years and it’s a test for you to achieve unending joy. The unending joy will be known to you soon after your death when you’ve followed Islam righteously. If every Muslim had practiced charity (Zakat) then nobody today would’ve been poor. There are millions of people on earth dying of hunger and we need to follow Islam to benefit the mankind. We cannot consider that we did our job after we notice that we’re praying five times. And all duties including Zakat.

We need to think more broadly to help people as much as we can. Islam is the simplest religion on earth to follow. But, you can get more rewards if you pray late night prayer and do fasting on normal days too. Ramadan is the month to get more rewards and more of our sins will be forgiven if we do worship righteously.

Khalid M Raza

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