Medical experts ruin Narendra Modi’s attempt to advertise Ayurveda

Medical experts ruin Narendra Modi’s attempt to advertise Ayurveda

Narendra Modi in more than two occasions spoke about the benefits of Ayurveda. Medical experts claimed that Ayurveda treatment for any disease is not confirmed to be effective. Neither Ayurveda can cure any disease nor it has any base to treat people with guaranteed cure. During the pandemic COVID-19, medical experts released a report that Ayurveda treatment is nothing but a myth. Incidentally, Unani might benefit people as the experts did not spoke anything against Unani.  

Medical Science has been so advance that experts can still find what’s the best treatment for any disease from many sources. Sources for best treatment might include available treatments other than medical science. But no other treatment than medical science has been grown to huge height leave aside Ayurveda. Medical science experts ruined Narendra Modi’s advertising of Ayurveda with a reason.

They claimed that Ayurveda is of no help other than body massage. It means that poor people also cannot afford to the fake treatments of costly Ayurveda. Let’s be practical than believing what Narendra Modi goes on to say.

Narendra Modi also spoke for the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) and mentioned fake reports of India. He told that India is secular and democratic country. Leaving aside secularism, which does not exist in India, he as usual spoke all lies. Democracy is for the people but BJP prefers democracy as only for BJP govt. That’s so much of double standards and that’s horrible to believe the suffering of all Indians today.

Khalid M Raza

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