India to overtake Canada in number of Corona Virus cases officially

India to overtake Canada in number of Corona Virus cases officially

Currently India is behind Canada and Peru with regards to Corona Virus cases officially. India managed to announced that the tally of Corona Virus cases is about 62,808 as per the data produced. Canada also have huge number of cases as the pandemic affecting the country. It registered figures of 67,643. India to overtake Canada with their unfair calculation as BJP govt is playing games over the number of deaths too.

The lesser number of testing in India could be the major problem for the infectious disease to overtake Canada. Corona Virus is spreading across India in rapid speed and under the lock down the poor people are suffering. BJP govt is yet to make an effort to release funds to fight against the pandemic and to help the poor. Hungry people are easily found on various spots in India as people, who see them are only helping them out. An old man was found eating mud to fight against his hunger.

India to Overtake Canada in Corona Virus cases & a bit more…

The BJP govt is deaf and dumb when the matters concerned for the poor people in India. If it’s so that India to overtake Canada in the number of cases then it will be tough for all Indians. It’s however not a reason to celebrate or be sad with the competition against Corona Virus affected countries. Canada did so well in battling against the Virus and could be overtaken by India as it’s just a matter to discuss.

The discussion is not about India to overtake Canada or any other country. But, it shows how the BJP govt is ignoring the spread of this Virus?

Officially India’s cases might reach over 100 thousand in about two weeks but unofficially the figure will be much more. This is a cause for worry as the BJP govt tampers everything to loot India and make suffer the Indians.

Khalid M Raza

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