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News channels paid tribute to Amit Shah highlighting what BJP wants

News channels paid tribute to Amit Shah highlighting what BJP wants

News channels across the nation have come together to support Amit Shah in what could be the matter about his health. His health is no doubt too good as he’s staying in the ACs while the poor people in India are suffering. News channels paid tribute to Amit Shah in such a way that what the BJP wants them to do. No matter what the tweets of almost all the BJP leaders including Narendra Modi are handled by their workmen.

In a bizarre incident of a post that went viral and which claimed that Amit Shah suffering from cancer. He’ll not resign and he’ll not get unhealthy until everything gets sorted out. His focus currently is in the divide and attack policy of new form of terrorism and so he’s busy. This can raise many eyebrows but the facts might be too sour. Amit Shah dismissed that he’s not well and claimed that he’s healthy with just a tweet from his twitter workman.

News Channels Paid Tribute & More

“Since some days people started speaking about my health and spread rumors and also prayed for my death. I was busy with the battle against Corona Virus. And so I didn’t noticed what the people are doing or spreading rumors about my health. I’m perfectly fine and have no minor disease leave aside the cancer. I’m thankful to all the people including those who dislike me”. And a few other well crafted lines Amit Shah wrote with the help of his twitter workman.

Here, news channels were quite and suddenly when tweet pops up they started creating posts. Hats off to these people, who follow BJP leaders and spread their words as if they write by their own. It’s amazing to say that news channels paid tribute to Amit Shah this way. And they continue to do so in support of BJP as they were already doing so.

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