Thursday, February 22, 2024
Fascism in India spreads Corona Virus more as BJP misleads World

Fascism in India spreads Corona Virus more as BJP misleads World

BJP is misleading the entire World with their fascism and are only concerned about the rich. Poor people including the daily wage laborers are ignored across India but Maharashtra is quite different. Maharashtra govt is against fascism in India and are doing their best to fight COVID-19. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray is more concerned over the poor people.

But BJP across India applying fascism in India. And showing the World something else and concealing something more. It means that good or bad Muslims in India will be definitely in trouble. This matter will take India towards more number of Corona Virus or COVID-19 cases.

Fascism in India will destroy Lives

People of India are sitting quietly and are in patience. But if BJP spoils the image of India continuously then it will be exposed to the World and then BJP will be wiped off. How this will happen? This will take place in about couple of months as Indians are not fools to let BJP do whatever they want to.

The educated BJP followers are blind and deaf. But when they know that BJP is committing heinous crime then rich and poor will attack BJP soon. BJP will be exposed of their fascism in India. This is because they’re targeting only Muslims and troubling the Muslims in India. Even the BJP is using police forces to trouble poor Muslims.

Rich Muslims do not care what’s happening in India because they do care for their own well being. Educated BJP followers also in position to sit and watch the poor people of all religions troubled under BJP.

Under the Lock down the BJP is playing their dirty games and it’s time for all of us to understand their intentions. Indian economy was growing so fast but after BJP took power they’re increasing poverty in India. Let’s understand that fascism in India will never benefit any Indian. Yes, Corona Virus cases will definitely increase if we continue to work under the BJP govt.

Khalid M Raza

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