No serious cases of Corona Virus in India exist as Home Minister is serious?

No serious cases of Corona Virus in India exist as Home Minister is serious?

There’s no serious cases of Corona Virus in India yet. Is it that India is hiding the critical cases as a matter of fact the deaths in India are increasing? Yup, when deaths of Coronavirus in India nearing to 3000 as of now then why there are no serious cases? It means that people in India are dying simply after getting infected with Coronavirus.

And again our home minister is serious and never coming out upfront over various posts against him. He used to speak on Television Channels whenever somebody say anything wrong. Is he really healthy. Does BJP govt really care about India to get a Coronavirus free India. For this questions there’s a one word answers and that’s “No”.

Sources close to the Home Minister disclosed that he’s suffering from a disease that dogs go through. The bone cancer is such an ailment with which a person cannot even walk. He also cannot talk and lead or do good or bad for India.

BJP govt is worried that if the serious ailment of the Union Home Minister revealed through out India. The outcome could be worse for BJP. He was trying hard for overseas treatment of his dog’s cancer disease. But he’ll not get the visa. Hence, he’s hiding according to the guidance from the BJP govt.

BJP govt is not helping the poor people suffering from hunger then why would they help India to fight against Coronavirus? They’re doing a wait and watch game and in few months the truth will come out. So, relax because even if Narendra Modi dies, Amit Shah will not become the next PM of India.

Khalid M Raza

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