Hindu followers of BJP hate Muslims for what will they gain?

Hindu followers of BJP hate Muslims for what will they gain?

Many Hindu followers of BJP do hate Muslims for what reason? They might take a clear stand and understand the sentiments of the Muslims as Muslims do. Muslims respect all religions and never spread fake stories or insult any religion in India or in foreign countries. Yet Hindu followers of BJP hate Muslims but they’ll not gain anything with this.

BJP is just cheating the people of India to be in power for a long time. It was BJP, who demolished Babri Masjid and now they’re thinking of constructing a Ram temple over it. Is there any proof that Babri Masjid was constructed with the demolition of Ram temple? No! So why then the silent Muslims in India and Kashmir are harassed with no reason.

Yes, Hindus do not have any country of their own. But, they can make India as a Hindu nation without troubling the Muslims. It means that BJP still can make India a Hindu Rashtra without hurting poor people or targeting only Muslims.

Hindu followers of BJP will Never Gain Anything 

BJP have crossed all the limits and also attacked the constitution of India. Yes, BJP can please the Hindus with their special support. BJP can support Hindus in their businesses, jobs and much more. India as a Hindu Rashtra should come out with the laws to be followed. Yes, BJP will never make India as Hindu Rashtra because creating hatred against Muslims in the minds of the Hindus is their cunning policy.

This is divide and rule policy that BJP has adopted and riding over the souls of the poor people. When they’ve a good chance to make India as Hindu Rashtra even then they want all Muslims to be harassed in India? Killings and mob lynching will never help India to get progressed. Make it Hindu Rashtra and provide special facilities to Hindus as Muslims won’t bother for this too. But, they spread hatred and nothing else to be on power for as much as possible to eat up India more & more.

However, Muslims will be happy to let BJP do whatever they want if never hurts their belief in Oneness of the Almighty. Leave aside everything and do care the innocent. It’s a warning to BJP that they shouldn’t continue to trouble the innocents. The innocents in India are the Muslims with their strong characters.

Khalid M Raza

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