Massive protests started to arrest Bill Gates for crimes over humanity

Massive protests started to arrest Bill Gates for crimes over humanity

Massive protests started to arrest Bill Gates for crimes over humanity

Massive protest across the world including the most important protests in America started today. Bill Gates is in hiding and his addressing to the CIA video leaked and many tweets on twitter popped up. It means that there’s a wait and watch game seems good enough for the 65 year old Microsoft Engineer. Bill Gates and his planning for what could be his involvement on Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been exposed.

Massive protests also have started with reports coming in to blame Bill Gates. However, it was learned that Bill Gates might be innocent. It’s so because some YouTube experts generated researched videos based not for the factual information. But for piling up more views. “A video accusing Gates of wanting “to eliminate 15 percent of the population through vaccination and electronic microchips has racked up nearly two million views on YouTube”: As told by Deccan Chronicle.

DC is sometimes too close to be so true and many times fails to stop delivering fake news. However, this might turn out to be how true that we’re still waiting. Moreover, we need to know how the Pandemic COVID-19 have made Bill Gates as the Villain.

Massive Protests Target Bill Gates & Why?

Protests Happening This Way


Massive protests in America also reveal that Bill Gates, who holds $100 Billion net worth is assumed to be in trouble soon.

“No one will take Bill Gates vaccine with his invisible chip. He is the most hated 65 year old person on earth. Nothing will change as per his plans and no matter what he plans for. What he said in the past about has been proved to all of us that he wants to kill all of us with his eugenics.”

“Dr. Fauci works for the govt and Bill Gates. He can make millions from vaccine. His buddy is Bill Gates and that Bill Gates believes in depopulation. Killing off millions of people as what he considers as trash of the world. His Polio vaccine paralyzed 450,000 in India.”

The above written words as tweets on twitter took people towards massive protests. It means the rise of the fall of Bill Gates will take place soon. However, “the idea of Bill Gates is to target 50% of the population of the world. And control the rest with inserting of micro chips in their bodies”. According to a report over agenda 21.

Note: In Hand Writer is not responsible for creating this news that can hurt the Microsoft founder Bill Gates. This is so because the information we got, we’re expressing it while we too are shocked. Mr. Gates has given a lot to the world and we hope he will give more and live a long and healthy life.

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