How to Smoke Cigarettes in COVID-19 Period until COVID-19 ends?

How to Smoke Cigarettes in COVID-19 Period until COVID-19 ends?

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. And most of us smoke cigarettes even after knowing the diseases like cancer we get. It’s highly tough battle for the smokers as the smokers can give up anything but not cigarettes. The most addictive habit is consumption of wine but Muslims fight hard to give it up. This is so because alcohol is prohibited in Islam. And even if you smoke cigarettes, you’re most likely committing a sin according to Islam. This is so because you’re harming yourself with your hands and that’s a sin in Islam. 

Let’s know how to smoke cigarettes during this lock down or until the COVID-19 period ends. First take out the plastic wrap out from the cigarette pack and throw it. Wipe the cigarette pack after removing the plastic cover. You can wipe it with a wet tissue.

Take out now a cigarette and light it up and finish off smoking. After enjoying your smoking you need to wash your hands. This is so because you never know that the cigarette packet you’ve purchased might not be COVID-19 free. Make as much as possible to keep yourself from the infection of the virus. So, every time you smoke cigarettes then do not forget to wash your hands.

The above procedure also suitable for you to implement on many other products you purchase. Quitting cigarettes is always better than being in trouble to purchase the high priced items. Smokers are delighted to smoke cigarettes in this kind of situation that the value of cigarettes is much more now.

Khalid M Raza

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