is Bill Gates really Evil for COVID-19 Outbreak for depopulation?

is Bill Gates really Evil for COVID-19 Outbreak for depopulation?

Bill Gates is now in all the discussions in the closed doors. He might be responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak or not but let’s discuss more. We’ve clearly indicated in our earlier article about this 65 year old Microsoft founder. Here it is: Check it out now or later. And another one here.

Western Countries since decades are trying hard to increase their population. This is so because countries like USA, UK and France etc., provide huge benefits to the parents having more children. With more population the economy will grow and will be maintained. Thus, there’s no question of Bill Gates wanting depopulation for a better world. Yet, some experts say that with depopulation to about 15%, the world will be controlled with one ruler.

Let’s Know what is Bill Gates Plan

The ruler might be WHO as some say and some say it might be UN. WHO is World Health Organization and UN is United Nations. The game of discussion is not over. So, let’s know that Bill Gates is really an evil?

Many sources have claimed that Bill Gates has been working over the vaccine and there’s a reason behind this. Yes, why he’s in preparation of the COVID-19 vaccine? Vaccination for no doubt helped millions of children to live healthy lives. However, in short it’s better to understand that the Microsoft founder shouldn’t be blamed as an evil source.

This is so because he has loads of talent and talented people are not bad. But, we cannot rule out the possibility of depopulation as the rulers in future want to rule the world. And they’ll break the barriers between the countries. Moreover, with the vaccination these people will insert micro chips in the bodies of the people. And this is possible only with lesser population.

The game is on for the end game that Bill Gates wants it to happen.

Khalid M Raza

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