Telangana Police is not bad compared to rest of India Police based on RSS

Telangana Police is not bad compared to rest of India Police based on RSS

When it’s said Telangana Police is not bad then you can understand the chronology here. Let’s talk about Telangana Police to begin with. Well, Police in Telangana State seldom create trouble or harass Muslims but they do take bribes. However, during protests in India against NRC, CAA etc, the Police of Telangana played a key role. They guarded the people too good. Yet, they never allowed more protests to get carried on in Telangana State. So, Telangana Police is not bad. And this counts a lot.

Many Hindu and Muslim groups obtained permission to protest against NRC, CAA, and NPR. They did so with lot of difficulties to get the permissions even they’ve the right to protest.  

The rest of India’s Police is not only corrupt but also racist. They harass Muslims and other minorities. For example, Police recently on May 20, 2020 beaten up a man having beard. He was pleading to the Police that he’s not Muslim and later the Police realized that he was Hindu.

The Police then apologized to the Hindu man saying that they thought he was a Muslim. This happened in one of the areas in India and many such incidents do happen around India.

RSS is in the blood of those extreme terrorist minded people, who spread hatred and our PM Modi is one of them. If the PM of a country is communal in the secular and democratic country then what one can expect? The People of entire India are in trouble including the Kashmiris.

Telangana Police is not Bad & More

The atrocities were unbearable when Police started troubling the peaceful protesters in different locations of Delhi. Delhi Police is worst and almost entire Indian Police including the armed forces in Kashmir have no faith. The armed forces raped and harassed Muslims in Kashmir and that’s the reason why the World is under lockdown? The BJP govt started the lock down from Kashmir.

And with the curse from the people of Kashmir, the world is under lock down. People around the world are under the lock down. And they’ve some basic facilities to live with some peacefulness. What about the people of Kashmir? There’s no answer for this question. Wait! and see more such kind of things do happen. What will the Modi govt do when India gets hit again with earthquake after COVID-19?

Let’s not ignore what the Police around India still doing atrocities over Muslims under the shade of COVID-19. It’s a shame that Police in India is so much uneducated and ignorant that they know only to follow one way. And that’s to lick the feet of BJP leaders. That’s why it will be told again that Telangana Police is not bad.

Khalid M Raza

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