24 hour lockdown in Telangana State from this Tuesday

24 hour lockdown in Telangana State from this Tuesday

Telangana State Chief Minister is worried over the hike in number of Coronavirus cases in India. And in order to maintain sanity immediately after Eid, he has decided for a 24 hour lockdown. People of TS are increasingly roaming around the streets. Some for Iftar fruits and some others doing Eid shopping to boost the economy. Earlier when Muslims were told not to do Eid shopping then many experts were worried over the flow of sales.

The sales and businesses will be in a deep loss if Muslims never do Eid shopping. And so the garment stores has been running well since the govt decided to open the shops for Muslims to boost economy.

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It’s now that the profits accrued as per the expectations then it was decided for a 24 hour lockdown in TS. This step is not related with Eid shopping. But to avoid unnecessary travel and to curb COVID-19 or Coronavirus. People of Telangana State (TS) are still wondering whether the lockdown will be troublesome or of panic. They’re in a bother as Police will start beating them if they come on the streets.

Thus, it’s a challenging step that Telangana State Chief Minister KCR will take soon. And the 24 hour lockdown with effect from Tuesday might keep people inside homes as Janta curfew. However, further reports claimed that the 24 hour lock down might trouble people visiting Telangana State from abroad. It’s then sorted out to be not implemented.

Earlier, some reports have suggested that Telangana State would put a 24 hour lock down with a 2 hour break in between. This again was dismissed.

It’s highly recommended that people should try to stay at their homes. Otherwise strict measures will be taken.

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7 thoughts on “24 hour lockdown in Telangana State from this Tuesday

    1. It was reported to us but it again turned out to be dismissed by the TS govt. So, it is not true. You need to read the entire article and understand it. Thanks.

      1. Lockdown!!!!! Is the only solution left?? What will happen if it’s continue as it is?? What about daily wages workers? What about economy? Many ppl losing jobs, people getting cured and discharge from hospital even without vaccine! But every country have to lift up this lockdown somehow to save country economy and ppl by coming up with some smart idea if they don’t wish to getting into crisis….

  1. What you mentioned in heading and what is it in detail news?
    You want to make heading such intresting that one must read it

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