Muslims celebrated Eid at homes with Eid prayers along with their families

Muslims celebrated Eid at homes with Eid prayers along with their families

Muslims celebrated Eid across the world while enjoying Eid prayers prayed homes. Indian Muslims maintained social distancing while some of them prayed with their neighboring apartment flats on the terrace. However, no Indian Muslim violated the norms of COVID-19. And they felt it was not necessary to meet their neighbors and relatives. They’ve celebrated Eid without shaking hands or hugging or even talking with each other during this tragic period of Virus. This kind of celebration of Eid is rarest in the world that Muslims followed the teachings of their Prophet (PBUH) accordingly. And this will surely help reduce the increasing number of COVID-19 or Coronavirus cases.

All that the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) told as the final messenger of Allah has been followed. The Prophet (PBUH) never allowed people to shake hands with him whenever he (PBUH) saw people with infectious diseases wanted to meet him (PBUH). He (PBUH) told whatever in his (PBUH) life of 63 years has been followed since over 1400 years.

Good Muslims worship the Almighty and obey the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). They believe in all the messengers and believe that Almighty Allah is one. The Oneness of the Unseen Almighty Allah is what Muslims believe. They believe Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as the last and final messenger. Many messengers had come with the message of Islam to different nations. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the messenger for the World until the day of judgement.

It’s an offense and a sin according to Islam when Muslims travel during any plague or virus. They should try to stay wherever they’re. And never move from one place to another.

All Muslims celebrated Eid at their homes. Hope prayers of all Muslims be answered and the World will be free of this Virus soon.

Khalid M Raza

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