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What mistakes Narendra Modi did for spread of COVID-19 in India?

What mistakes Narendra Modi did for spread of COVID-19 in India?

We will go through the mistakes Narendra Modi did as PM of India for the rapid spread of COVID-19. This should be known to us in order to appeal for a safe India in the coming months. Firstly, the doctors in India never allowed to do their duty to treat COVID-19 patents with protective kits. Most of the doctors in India are still doing their duty without proper protective kits. However, the mistakes Narendra Modi did were not minor. Most of the doctors are in threat of getting infected with COVID-19. But fortunately there were no cases of as many doctors get infected as it was expected. This is so because doctors did their duty and are doing their duty with lot of care.

Mistakes Narendra Modi committed are so much of criticism that Indians will never forgive him. He started with a day of Janta curfew and told the people to beat their utensils to create sounds of ringing bells. People did so but without social distancing. And then he wanted people to light up candles and so on. Narendra Modi never allowed more testing kits to be delivered to the hospitals in India. He confused people with lock down as the only solution to control the spread of COVID-19. His leadership was highlighted at first by NDTV claiming millions of laborers walking long distances to reach their homes. No arrangements of transport facility by the Modi govt paved the way for millions of laborers stranded at highways.

Mistakes Narendra Modi did & More

Had Modi allowed more number of testing. And as per the example set by the Kerala govt to control COVID-19 then it would have been better. He should have noticed that COVID-19 reaching all the countries of the world during Feb 2020. But, he said India is safe and allowed foreign Indians and foreigners to land in India. They were not tested and were not made to be in quarantine.

Take for an example of the celebrity Kanika Kapoor, who landed in India and attended many parties. And later she was guilty of having infected from Coronavirus or COVID-19. She could’ve easily infected thousands of people and she had in fact infected many people. But media has hidden the soar truth. Like Kanika Kapoor many were not the celebrities and were either NRIs or holiday visitors and they too were left free. So, the virus spread slowly and steadily in India. And now India is in the top 10 countries of having more number of cases of COVID-19.

Mistakes after mistakes Narendra Modi never realized the increase of hunger and poverty in India. And so, India is now again in the hands of a failed govt BJP. It means if Narendra Modi never follows the advise of experts to control COVID-19 then India will be in deep trouble. Better late but please wake up Mr. PM Modi.

Khalid M Raza

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