Telangana Police work praised over COVID-19 control for good efforts

Telangana Police work praised over COVID-19 control for good efforts

Alarming cases of COVID-19 spreading across India as number of deaths also increasing including our State. Our State is Telangana State. And no excuses whatsoever accepted for unnecessary roaming on roads. Telangana Police work has been increasingly doing wonders and that’s appreciated now. TS CM KCR also lauded the efforts of the Telangana Police and the workers of cleaning and maintaining the State look nice.

Roads also built around Hyderabad under the ‘Lockdown’ and that’s nice. Many reports also coming from other states of fascism during this COVID-19 lock down.  

Recently, 12 Muslim families have been “forcibly” converted to Hinduism. And they are now receiving threats that they would be driven out of their village. The village is located in Bawana district of India’s northern state of Haryana. Urdu daily, Inquilab reported on 22 May.

This is unacceptable and worrisome. But, Muslims shouldn’t do what the Hindus or other fascist people want them to. And they should learn to defend the religion of Islam. If a Muslim fights until his or her death to defend his or her faith then he or she will remain as Muslim forever. However, in Telangana State the Telangana Police work is worth praising or appreciable because of secular govt.

Telangana Police Work is Worthy

Telangana Police work has been increasingly too good. And involves the strict policies to keep people away from roaming or gathering on roads. People also need to play their roles very well as we need to be in COVID-19 for months. And we have to live with COVID-19 for a long time. Let’s make ourselves habituated to be cleaner and safe.

We should wash our hands whenever we touch ATMs or come across grocery shops to purchase food products. No harm will be there if we come home and wash our hands. If no one shows any symptoms of COVID-19 then it’s not required to clean all the surfaces at homes.

Telangana Police work cannot reach inside our homes and so we need to take care of our health. At the same time we need to be habituated in living under the ‘Lockdown’. Stay at home and be safe.

Khalid M Raza

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