Muslims in India hit with petrol bombs for hatred over being Muslims

Muslims in India hit with petrol bombs for hatred over being Muslims

Reports are larger and wide open to claim that Muslims in India hit with petrol bombs only for hatred purpose. Why this hatred against Muslims in India has been not shown in mainstream media is bothering some? We cannot ignore the fact that Muslims are the integral and true citizens of India. Even if some Muslims might be criminals but harassing all of them is not fair. India should wake up as this continues to happen only under BJP govt. Let’s know that the world is in trouble to fight against the Virus and there are more calamities awaiting.  

Is it good to keep hatred over Muslims in India? Why Hindus want Muslims to get reduced or for what reason they’re allowed to trouble Muslims? The answers to these questions are pending and the criminal minded BJP govt only see politics in these. Let’s not forget that India is a country of different religions and targeting only Muslims is not going to benefit anyone.

All Non Hindus including the Muslims are still not afraid of the outcome of hatred from criminal Hindus. They’re waiting for justice to come out in their favor. This will happen soon and the world will know. Moreover, the fear of God in the minds and hearts of criminal Hindus never exist. That’s why Muslims in India hit with petrol bombs and are troubled more and more.

Muslims in India hit & why?

There’s also Narak (Hell) in Hinduism and so they want to go in their hell. And they believe that hell is not a worst punishment. So, they’re going astray and becoming worse instead of believing in the Almighty. There’s nothing wrong if Muslims keep patience as they know that there will be multiple punishments for criminals. First one in this world and the next one in the life after death. Finally, the unending life of the Hereafter’s highly severe punishment of hell.

Khalid M Raza

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