Thursday, February 22, 2024
BJP govt foolishly making enmity with neighbors as Chinese troops inside Indian territory

BJP govt foolishly making enmity with neighbors as Chinese troops inside Indian territory

BJP govt foolishly taking India towards nowhere. And it resulted as their first enemy has been Pakistan. It was happened not with the intent of Pakistan’s most honest leader in their history. PM of Pakistan wanted to be friendly with India even under the BJP govt. However, PM Narendra Modi turned down requests from Imran Khan for a dialogue to solve the disputes.

Later, Mr. Khan turned away and dismissed India. The enmity between the two neighboring countries continues despite Pakistan having a most peaceful leader in Imran Khan. Imran Khan sorted out many issues including the issues between USA and Afghan Taliban. And then Iran and Saudi Arabia.  

BJP govt foolishly now scared of even the minnow neighbor Nepal. Nepal have come up with a new map. The small less populated and one of the poorest country showing wide open eyes to India. The worst thing to happen is that thousands of Chinese troops are currently inside Indian territory. India is now caught in a tight situation. BJP govt foolishly never bothered about the impact of sour relations with neighboring countries.

Pakistan was ready for friendship with India. Pakistan released and sent Indian pilot that they captured as a peaceful gesture. India was arrogant and kept on boasting fake reports of Balakot strikes. The Balakot strikes only damaged trees and no terrorist was killed. Indian media expressing 56 inches chest of Modi and reported that terrorist camp was destroyed. But that never happened.

This also resulted from the deployment of Indian soldiers in Kashmir only to harass the Kashmir people. The people of Kashmir are known to Pakistan as the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. And so it’s a worst time for India if BJP govt foolishly surrenders to spoil the image of Indians across the world.

Khalid M Raza

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