End of World not far as current situations speak much more

End of World not far as current situations speak much more

You might be wondering what’s written here and that you need to believe all that’s written here or not? No one can say that the end of world is near or too far. But the signs are clear and wide open. So, it’s required for all of us to repent and seek forgiveness for what all sins we did. Believe in the Oneness of the Almighty and worship Him more even if the end of world is near or far. The end of world is inevitable.

It might be delayed but we need to be informed of what we must do to get the best life after death. The life after death is endless. And if you’re righteous then you’ll be rewarded with paradise. There’s no time as we never know when we’ll die. And from there the life after death begins.

  • End of world not far as growing economic setbacks and the fake news reports are circulating currently.
  • Moreover, poverty is exposed and leaders are not bothered about poor people.
  • The truth speaking people will not be believed and the liars will gain sympathy.
  • Corruption already increased.
  • People are bothered only about their own lives.
  • Some countries have become fascist.
  • The corrupt leaders across the world joining hands to see the losses to humanity without much worries.
  • We have already witnessed nude clubs.
  • Nude dances.
  • And open sexual activities.
  • Moreover, the COVID-19 likely to become curable infection.
  • And it’s not likely to be controlled then it’s again a concern for end of world.
  • Many more activities are taking us towards the end of this world.

End of World Why? Let’s discuss more:

We cannot think of what will be in the next hour or so? This world is so close to end and yet no one can confirm that the world will be ending soon. The final hour will be established sooner or later. And the current situation of this world demands us to be closer to our Lord.

The Creator of the worlds and the Owner of everything that exists and exists not. And to whom we worship. We’re reminded time and again. The scholars told us a lot about the situation that will be set before Dajjal comes.

Before Gog and Magog there will be a biggest test that all human beings will go through and that’s of Dajjal. Let’s not forget to prepare ourselves for end of world and the tests that we’re going through. We need to understand the reason of our lives. For what purpose we’re created?

The Almighty Allah is the most Merciful & Beneficent and He loves forgiving. Let’s ask for forgiveness more often. Get out of idle lives and do some good deeds everyday. Offer all five time prayers and wake up for Tahajjud and seek forgiveness. Otherwise it will be now or never.


Do you know about the dwellers of Hell? They cannot bear their punishments in the Hell fire. Punishment of the lives after death. And punishments in this worldly living. Come towards Islam and believe and Worship One God. And nothing else as it will be too late. Just reminding you about the end of world.

This is inevitable and can happen sooner or later and no one can say anything more. But people can read and follow what’s right and what’s wrong? They’ve the right to be on a straight path rather than go astray.  

End of World how?

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) since over 1400 years explained many things to mankind and spread the message of Islam. He taught us everything including all the Messengers, who had come before him. He’s the last & final Messenger of Allah to the entire mankind. The Messengers before him were sent to nations for a certain period of time. All the Messengers warned about Dajjal and his arrival to their people.

Islam is a complete religion of peace and the only true religion that we need to follow. Everything is completed and we stand in such a situation that we’ve a great opportunity to ask for forgiveness. We should seek forgiveness and we should never commit any sin. This is so because this worldly life is nothing but an illusion. The life after death is endless and we need to prepare ourselves for it. Let’s know more…  

Arrival of Dajjal to Know More 

“Allahumma Inni Auzhbika Min Azaabul Khabr Wa Auzhbika Min Fitnatul Masi Hudh- Dajjal”. Means Oh Allah protect us from the punishments of immediate life after death. And from evil temptations of Dajjal. There will be written on the forehead of Dajjal that will read as “Disbeliever”.

The believers at the time of Dajjal will read this including the believers, who don’t know reading. Dajjal will address himself as god. He wants people to call him god. He’s one eyed. And our Lord, Allah the Almighty is not one eyed. Glory be to the Almighty Allah. Lord of the worlds and most high and He has no beginning and no end. He will be there while the world and all that you know existed will perish.

You’ll be resurrected again as you were created and then you will be asked about your sins on the day of Judgement.

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